Free Download Umarex Gauntlet 22 Chronograph Results Rws Hyper M mp3

Umarex Gauntlet 22 Chronograph Results Rws Hyper M:

The Umarex Gauntlet and Its Favorite Pellets Testing the Single Shot Tray Vs. Magazine! mp3
I've found so far the Umarex Gauntlet's favorite pellet is the JSB Exact Jumbo Diabolo 15.89 grains. Now it's time to check out the single shot tray vs the ...

Umarex Gauntlet tuned to 27fpe in .22 mp3
Installed Annihilator Deadblow valve and transfer port is 3/16" from valve to barrel. Every thing else is stock. Gun came regulated at 1200psi. Getting 55 shots at ...

Gauntlet Chrono Test 360 shots on one tank of air. mp3
Testing my Umarex Gauntlet .22 after tune up and tank and regulator changes. 305 shots before starting to lose velocity. I stopped at 495 fps but I'm sure I could ...

Umarex Gauntlet Pellet Penetration Fun mp3
Shot a few rounds with JSB Jumbo Heavys 18.13 grain at 830 fps. First Vid. More coming soon. Subscribe so you'll know when the. Next one's ready!

RWS Super H Point .22 Testing mp3
Hi! I'm Donnie Reed from ALL THINGS AIRGUN. In this video I am chronograph, accuracy, and expansion testing the 14.2gr RWS Super H Point. The test rifle is ...

Beman P17 x Hyper - Velocity x Techno Bolton mp3
Disparo em lata de Nescau com pistola de pressão Beman P17 5.5 a uma distância de 5 metros.

LW 5.5mm; 380mm Twist; 600mm Length; JSB 1.03 gram 330 - 343 m\s mp3
KalibrGun Cricket Custom: Barrel LW 5.5mm; 380mm Twist; 600mm Length; no chok, no regulator, JSB 1.03g 330-343 m\s.

Aigun Depot Long Ranger Challenge mp3
155 yd shot with FX Wildcat .25 calibre and Sightron scope. Smashed the golf ball in two shots!!

Umarex Gauntlet with CO2 tank, penetration test mp3
All ten pellets went through the bottle. Used Crosman Premiere Hollowpoint pellets.

Umarex Gauntlet 63 yds mp3
Shooting cheap Crosman pellets my Gauntlet in 22 is ridiculously accurate out to at least 63 yards!

Part :1 umarex gauntlet. .22cal transformation mp3
This is the first coat of white flat primer that I'm putting on my Umarex. Gauntlet .22cal I am putting on a hydro dip stencil of the American Flags let's see how it ...

How to kneel to steady your shooting mp3
This is an Umarex Gauntlet 22 and I'm showing how I kneel to shoot. I can usually hit dime size targets at 60 yards like this.

Umarex Fusion Co2 Rifle Review mp3
In this video I review the Umarex Fusion .177 caliber air rifle. Below is the Chrony results. .177 Beeman Hollow Point Coated Lead Pellets 7.2 grains Average: ...

"Shooting Random Things With Airguns" Volume 1 - H&N Terminator mp3
Hi everyone! Donnie Reed here. This video is the first in a new series I'm calling, "Shooting Random Things With Airguns." This is Volume 1, where I pit the H&N ...

Crosman 2240 HPA PCP MAX FLOW field test & eliminator guns plus Kalibrgun Cricket .25 mp3
In this video I field test the Crosman 2240 BNM breech/Max Flow Valve .22 to 50 & 75 yards. I revisit the BUDGET GUN and The Power Eliminator guns. Just for ...

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