Free Download Artius Dance Theatre 1 mp3

Artius Dance Theatre 1:

Απόσπασμα από την παράσταση "Απ'το 1 στο 9", την πρώτη εμφάνιση του ροδιακού γυναικείου χορευτικού συνόλου...

artius dance theatre "from 1 to 9 " contemporary dance mp3
"from 1 to 9" october 2011 Music - Joe Jakson and Friends, Choreography- Myriam Pekmestzi , Dancers -Anita Ilioy,Monika...

Restricted area mp3
Artius dance theatre 2013 "Restricted area"

restricted area demo 2013 mp3
Dance performance from artius dance theatre, "restricted area" Dancers: Maria Orfanidi,Stefania Patlaka,Myriam Pekmestzi, Niki Tsikouri,Monica Van Leeuwen.

'από το 1 ως το 9' mp3
η Μύριαμ Πεκμεστζή, χορεύτρια και χορογράφος της ροδιακής γυναικείας ομάδας σύγχρονου χορού Artius Dance Theatre,...

Εκδρομή Κολλέγιο Ρόδου Ψίνθος Νοέμβρης 2016 mp3
Εκδρομή Κολλέγιο Ρόδου Ψίνθος Νοέμβρης 2016 Διαβάστε περισσότερα στο :

kollegio rodou xoros mp3
20-12-2008, xristougenniatikh sxolikh giorth kollegiou rodou, requiem for a dream.

BellanWorld~Bellan Contemporary Dance Theatre~Birth of Existence Project 2011~Part 2 mp3
Birth of Existence Project (Excerpt ~ Genesis) Reynolds Industries Theater, Duke University Saturday, May 7, 2011 Durham, North Carolina Choreography by ...

Bodyparkour in Concert mp3

h xaroula se ena epidiktiko xoro!!!!!!!!!!

UDT "Geeked" piece mp3
University Dance Theatre "Geeked" group piece that Amanda Schrieber choreographed.

Dansvoorstelling NO DANCE WITHOUT RESTRICTION Choreografie Marieke Danneels Music Jon Hopkins (Breath this air)

Rhodeway - "Ζήσε με Αγάπη" (Seasons of Love) mp3
Η ελληνική διασκευή του γνωστού τραγουδιού "Seasons of Love" / "Ζήσε με Αγάπη" από το βραβευμένο μιούζικαλ "Rent" του...

MIKE PORTNOY - Tweet Secret - 181.190 - Aug.2014/Apr.2015 mp3
181.190 : Name that MP Tune winner CUTS OFF MY BEARD! Morsefest soundcheck Stranger In Your Soul Tracking some Vox for new NMB Album Getting root ...

Australian Dance Theatre Devolution mp3
Garry Stewart has built a reputation for pushing dance beyond convention into new, daring realms. In Devolution Garry Stewart collaborates with Canadian ...

Contemporary Dance 2012 mp3
Experiment of Liesel Bamber with Nagy Derien and Dunai Rita.

Deja Vu.m4v mp3
Beingfrank Youth performing Deja Vu at the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre as part of the U.Dance Festival.

NVDC: 1 to 7 - Saturday mp3
New Vision Dance Co.: Retrospective Saturday, October 9, 2010 1 to 7 Choreography: Melissa Gould.

Ταφρος 2013 Μεσαιωνικη πολη Ροδου mp3
Ταφρος 2013 Μεσαιωνικη πολη Ροδου.

'Heads or Tails' excerpt by Neville Dance Theatre mp3
Excerpt of 'HEADS-OR-TAILS' by Neville Dance Theatre. Performed October 9, 2010 at the Merce Cunningham Studio, NYC. Dancers: Tanya Lynn Trombly and ...

Oikos Theatre, Контроль 1, перформанс, Contemporary Dance mp3
Контроль 1. Contemporary dance моно перформанс, Алексей Ойкос.

VYbE Christmas Event 2016 | Method | VYbE Dance Company mp3
VYbE had an amazing Christmas Event showcasing a performance for each of the teams! Check out this year's Spotlight to see more of VYbE! Featuring Method ...

Wednesday - dancing film project HD (second draft) mp3
a film project for a choreography screened through a video-projector. [Second draft] video-edit (first cut): Andy t. (sikadast) re-edit: Dionysis Tsaftaridis dancer: ...

WAITING by KINEMATIK Dance Theater mp3
Performed at the Queensboro Dance Festival 2015. Developed and performed by Isa Antoniani & Svea Schneider.

The Soul mp3
The Soul Project (excerpt) 2010 Performed as part of the DanceNow Festival 2010 at Dance Theater Workshop Erica Essner Performance Co-Op ...

UCLU Dance Society | Triple Bill Showcase '16 | Advanced Contemporary mp3
Choreographed by Laura Leung Website: Facebook: Twitter: @UCLUDanceSoc ...

"Friendship & Missed Chances" - Memento: AMDG Dance Concert 2016 mp3
The Ateneo Med Dance Group (AMDG) presents "Friendship & Missed Chances" from "Memento", a year-end benefit concert for Kythe A+ held at Henry Lee ...

"Wings" another note from my diary "Birds of a feather flock together" mp3
Some people write in their diaries every day, i collect my thoughts/experiences and sometime...they manifest in the theater of dance. An excerpt from "WINGS", ...

Rhodes College Dance Company Fall Showcase 2018 mp3
Fall 2018 Showcase performed Friday, November 30th at McCoy Theater, Rhodes College Hope you enjoy! We do NOT own any of these soundtracks. Property ...

Piles Of Clothes - Don't Read Books, Watch Movies @ Sticky Mikes - Brighton mp3
Piles Of Clothes - Don't Read Books, Watch Movies @ Sticky Mikes - Brighton.

Friendship mp3
Bella & Sara's final skit for Theater class.

NEW X CREW | Practice Contemporary dance showcase performance mp3
So cute ,lawsen,Cat represent "Newxcrew Contemporary dance showcase performance

UDT Fist & Fire Duet mp3
Me & Amanda performing at Fresno State's University Dance Theatre show our duet piece...

" Follow The Dance " Σχολή Χορού - Θεατρική Παράσταση 2018 mp3
Musical Dance Theater Χοροθεατρική παράσταση της σχολής χορού Follow THE DANCE ΜΑΡΙΝΟΥ ΑΝΤΥΠΑ 20 ΗΛΙΟΥΠΟΛΗ ΤΗΛ 210 97 66662...

Oriental dance in the Theatre mp3
Постановка восточного танца Власевкой Натальи специально для Иркутского Академического Драматического...

Damir Zlatar Frey - Prihajajo koreodrama.wmv mp3

Synesthesia: Emerging Choreographers Showcase mp3
A sneak peak of student choreographed & performed showcase at the University of Houston School of Theatre & Dance Dec 3 & 4 2010.

Get Here - Contemporary Dance Choreographed by Morgan Burke mp3

CoMotion Dance Theater Fall 2010 Recital mp3 Enjoy watching the video of our Fall 2010 Dance Concert held at the Clearwater Arts Auditorium in November ...


Ayuo - 3 Goddesses mp3
Ayuo plays his composition, 3 Goddesses on the Celtic Harp for a contemporary dance performance. The copyright of the music belongs to Ayuo See Ayuo's ...

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